Structure Your Argument Essay Introduction Like A Pro!

Structure Your Argument Essay Introduction Like A Pro!

Every essay starts off as a logical document that follows a particular format. However, this can easily be a challenge if you don’t know how to approach it. This article seeks to clarify the writing process so that you can be sure about the parts you need to include.

The Introduction

This section attempts to provide an overview of the essay. It provides background information that should enable the reader to determine whether they will focus on the subject matter or not. In most cases, it should be brief and to the point.

One of the easiest ways to write an introduction is to use words that show your topic, for instance, ‘the risks of smoking.” The introduction should then always capture this information or even better, create it with your readers in mind.

The next step is to provide any relevant or historical context surrounding your subject. In this case, you will need to provide the reasons why your argument matters by providing the principles by which it was formulated. This stage requires a bit of information because, like with other parts of your essay, you may not have enough if you don’t state all the arguments in a comprehensive manner.

To get this form of prompt writing, you can start by summarizing what you have been discussing, highlighting the best approach to support the claims in the paper. The way you proceed will depend on the kinds of words you will need to use.

Find The Thesis Statement

This is the heart of your essay, and most students usually neglect to state it. Nevertheless, it is an important section. It is the only line that will guide the reader on what they need to expect from the rest of the paper. Hence, you need to be careful not to leave it out.

As far as most students go, it is often the last thing that comes to their mind. Nevertheless, it has the power to amplify a thesis statement. As such, one should always remember to include it in their introduction to ensure it is captured. Some students assume it is hard to create it, and it is always a mistake. The steps are quite simple.

First, make a draft with your arguments at the top, next, organize your arguments in a group and ensure they are supported by evidence. Lastly, write the thesis statement within that group.

The Body

The body section of your essay consists of all the arguments and supporting evidence for a claim. It will be a bit harder to structure this part if you are unfamiliar with this section. So, start off by starting with a summary of your thesis statement by stating the main idea of the paragraph. Be careful not to restate it in the body paragraphs.

In this section, you can state the opposing arguments and related views. Make sure to back up each point with as much proof as possible to show how it squares with your thesis statement. Write the concluding paragraph at the end of this section, bringing the topic together. It explains the thesis statement and points out the arguments for each point.

In conclusion, it is always best to select a clear introduction to ensure it is captured. You will be surprised at how easy it is to create this kind of draft. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of it.

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