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Summary: What is it?

The summary is the part of the paper that is translated into a foreign language (usually English). The work is summarized in two languages – native and foreign. The summary is treated as a business card, it is a short (usually one A4 format) layout of the whole work.

What is the purpose of the work summary?

This part of the work is designed to allow the author to convey the essence of the work very briefly, emphasizing the essential aspects. It is said that the person reading the summary, who has not read the whole work, has to understand what he / she is most important about.

Concerning the summary of final theses, the instructions to them depend on the requirements of the higher education institution, but are usually more or less similar. First, the summary identifies the following details: the name of the author of the work, the subject of the work, the name of the higher education institution and the faculty, the study program, the supervisor’s degree, name and surname, year, place and number of pages (without annexes). The following is the word “Summary” or “Summary” (if the summary is in English). Then the text of the summary is set out. In most cases, it is necessary to name the relevance of the work topic in a few sentences, then specify the purpose, tasks and methods used in the work. Essential aspects of the theoretical part of the thesis are usually not presented in the summary. The main part of the summary is devoted to the essential aspects of practical work, insights, discoveries, etc. y. results of the study. At the end of the summary one can mention the author’s suggestions for solving the problem.

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